4 Outdoor Fabrics

4 Outdoor Fabrics was founded in 1990 and started as a supplier of upholstery materials for boats and yachts from a small warehouse in a Dutch harbor.
Nowadays, 25 years later, we are a wholesaler specialized in the distribution and production of high quality Indoor and Outdoor 100% Sunbrella Solution Dyed Acrylic Fabrics.
We have clients all over the world, ranging from architects to shipbuilders. Our innovative and durable fabrics are used in hotels, restaurants, clubs, wellness centers, universities, yachts, shops and any Outdoor purpose.
In fact where aren’t they?! With 25 years of experience and a diverse network of long-term relations we offer excellent service, fresh ideas and lots of inspiration.

Let’s go outside!

Water-repellent and easy to clean

All fabrics are breathable and have had a water-repellent treatment that protects against stains, grease, liquids and splashes of salt water or chlorinated water.
The fabrics are easy to clean, mold- and mildew resistant and can be washed at 30 degrees.

All our fabrics are made to withstand the elements, come rain or shine

Exclusive Fabrics for indoor and outdoor

The fabrics offer UV-protection (7/8 light fastness), ultimate durability for all weather types and come in a range of patterns and colours so vibrant you will be tempted to use them indoors as well.

Outdoor fabrics for upholstery, cushions, umbrellas and window treatments

4 Outdoor Fabrics are perfect for outdoor living, combining style with high performance and low maintenance. We offer a wide choice of plain, patterned and textured outdoor fabrics to create a stylish and inviting ambiance for any garden, patio, yacht or spa. The fabrics can be used for upholstery, cushions, umbrellas and window treatments.

We invite you to explore our ever-evolving collection of innovative fabrics.
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